GW 464 Soy Blend Wax 50 lb. CASE

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    GW464-   For container candles.  98% soy with 2% soy based additive.  This wax has a melt point of 115-120.  It can be poured at a hotter temperature and still achieve a smooth and creamy top.  The soy based addtive helps minimize frosting.  Does not mix well with beeswax.  Great for mixing with paraffin.  Recommended pour temp is 130 deg. F-140 deg. F. Recommended fragrance usage is 6% - 9%.


    The lower melting point of this was allows it to create a melt pool faster than the GW444 and GW415, assuming the same size wick and container diameter.




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    This is a much better wax than the 444, it has a better throw and will not have as many wet spots. My only real problem is that it tends to frost quite a bit if it had less shrinkage it would have a better rating. The scent throw is pretty good however not comprable to the parafins!
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    I used this was and I am very impressed with the results, very creamy look! One of my favorites!
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    464 is the Best wax that's very popular now and everybody buys it!
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    I love this wax it holds about 2oz per lb of fragrance and has the best hot and cold scent throw of any soy wax i have used
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