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Single Pour Container Wax-4630A-CASE

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    60 lb. Cases

    Melting Point: 125 deg.F
    IGI 4630A, formerly known as IGI R1945, is a low shrink paraffin blend. Pricing for a 60 LB case containing six slabs.

    • A smooth creamy wax that displays very good burn characteristics and sidewall adhesion.  

    • Preheat glassware to approx. 125 deg. F for better adhesion.
    • Working/pouring temperatures should be in the range of 160 to 180 deg. F.
    • Use fragrances specifically designed for candles.
    • Exhibits single pour behavior under optimal conditions.
    • A pre-blended wax that does not require the use of additives.
    • Suggested fragrance usage is 6%.

    Also available in 2 lb. Samples or 10 lb. Slabs.

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    LOVE this wax! It's a true one pour wax. Has great adhesion to the containers, rarely have to preheat jars before I pour in the wax. The only thing I add to it is UV Inhibitor. Must try it if you haven't already.
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    I just got this wax to try it out for my containers. It works great! I will definately keep using it. It also has great wall adhesion to my jelly jars that I use. I'd for sure recommend it to other people!
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