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Classic Container Wax Blend-IGI 4786-SLAB

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    10 lb. slabs.

    Melting Point: 124 deg. F.


    • A smooth and creamy, opaque paraffin wax for making container candles.

    • A pre-blended wax that does not require any additives.

    • Not a one-pour wax.  Requires a minimum of 2 pours.

    • Preheat glass containers to allow for better side-wall adhesion
    • Working/pouring temperatures should be in the range of 160 to 180 deg. F.
    • Use fragrances specifically designed for candles.

    • Typical fragrance load is 5% to 8%.


    Also available in 2 lb. Samples or 60 lb. Cases.

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    11 years ago I started with this wax and I keep coming back to it after having tested just about every other wax on the market. It does require repours but the extra work is worth it. Please don't ever discontinue this wax!
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    I have bought many products from this company, waxes, fragrances, wicks, containers, and I have not been disappointed with any of it.
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