EcoSoya Container Blend Advanced Soy Wax 10 lbs.

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    A soft creamy single pour container wax made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils.

    • Melting Point 111 deg. F
    • Minimal to zero frosting in the finished candle.
    • Ecosoya CB Advanced contracts slightly to minimize "wet spots".
    • Exhibits a smooth top surface.

    • When adding fragrance and color, wax should be heated to 175 deg. F to 185 deg. F to insure proper mixing of liquid.

    • Working/pouring temperatures should be in the range of 100 to 155 deg. F. 130 deg. F is a good starting point for larger containers. For taller and more narrow jars, 155 deg. F is a good starting point.
    • Given the same size container, EcoSoya soy waxes require larger wick sizes than paraffin.
    • Preheating glassware is not necessary.
    • Recommended fragrance usage is 6% - 9%.

    Our Ecosoya waxes:

    •Are 100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil, GUARANTEED!
    •Are all NATURAL and biodegradable.
    •Are manufactured meeting FDA standards.
    •Are Kosher Certified.
    •Are NOT tested on animals.
    •Contain NO palm wax.
    •Contain NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products.
    •Contain NO pesticides and NO herbicides.
    •Contain NO toxic materials.
    •Are considered GRAS under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

    Customer Reviews

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    Have to agree this wax will fall out of your jar. Scent throw bad. The only star I can give because it dose not frost.
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    I love it but have found when I made Chanel no 5 melted it for awhile and it set it discoloured the wax
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    I am not impressed with this wax. I find it has poor glass adhesion and falls right out of my container.
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    I had been using gw 464 previously but switched to this brand because it is non-gmo. The wax does contract a bit but I find that it still has good adhesion to glass containers. Love the natural color it has and even though you have to use slightly more fragrance the throw is far better than the 464. Beautiful surfaces and melts so evenly. Will continue to try this for a while, but I think I've found a new favorite!
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    I only use soy for my green customers. I only use it in glass with pure essential oil and wood wicks. I have never had a candle fall out of the glass and it always looks GREAT! I do have a problem with the wax not having a HT like PW. But we are talking SOY and that is what I tell my customers before buying, there is a cost for being pro green. Plus you have to find the recipe that works with what you are doing. All that said,I give it an A++
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