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Vintage Container Wax Blend-IGI 6006-SLAB

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    10 lb. slabs.

    Melting Point: 133 deg. F.
    Super creamy, low-shrink container wax.

    A Paraffin/Vegetable wax blend.



    • Minimal shrinkage under optimal conditions for containers up to 28 oz. jars
    • Good adhesion to jars under optimal conditions.
    • High fragrance load.
    • Smooth and creamy look with very nice color brilliancy.
    • Pre-blended; no additives required.

    General Guidelines:
    • Pouring temperature should be from 160-180 F
    • Optimal pour temperature: determined by experimentation with selected containers.
    • Fragrance oil retention of up to 10% by weight is possible.
    • Containers may or may not need to be preheated before pouring. You can get away without preheating some, others may need to be preheated.


    Also available in 2 lb. Samples or 60 lb. Cases.

    Customer Reviews

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    I used this for my first container project. Loved it! Great adhesion, only one pour, great scent throw. Tried IGI-4630A because your out of this.. never doing that again! This is by far a better product!
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    This wax is awesome! Great scent throw, beautiful creamy color, slow burn, works great with LX wicks. I've found my container wax! Thanks peak, will order again. You have a permanent customer!
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    This wax holds the higher level of fragrance, is beautiful after poured, and burns like no other! Thanks Peak!!
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    Bought this wax to sample and used 1 oz in 1/2 lb of wax and oh my goodness, what a throw both hot and cold, SUPERB!
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    I use this for container candles and tarts. Scent throw is great! It's the only wax I use.
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