Spring Rain Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Spring Rain - An awesome floral with a hint of spice. A light and relaxing spa type fragrance.

    FP: >200 deg F.

    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.

    Suggested Color: Lavender, pale blue, pink, yellow, or light green.

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    I used in my goat milk CP soap. It was strong in the bottle but since it has cured the scent has become weak. Used 1 oz for 3lb batch. No discoloration or acceleration.
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    Nice uplifting fresh "spa" scent. However, it lost it's OOB strength after adding to my candles - no cold throw. Hoping it puts off more scent upon burning.
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    Very strong when I smelled it out of the bottle but came out real clean and subtle after I made soy candles with it.
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    I was very disappointed in this fragrance..It was way too strong and gave me a headache...
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    I have been looking for this scent for several years now. I just happened upon it. Yay! This soft floral but clean scent is wonderful. I used soy wax for this...Cold throw is amazing! You will not regret this purchasing this scent.
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