Winter Orange Spice Fragrance Oil 1 oz.

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    Winter Orange Spice – Sweet orange and spicy clove form the base of this delicious scent, with hints of tangerine, bergamot, and orange zest, and enhanced by notes of ginger, anise, and cardamom.

    FP: >145 deg F.

    Safe for wax candles, soaps, and skin products.

    Suggested Color: Orange

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    This wonderful scent is a real pleaser for everyone. The first time I used it, my husband went bonkers. I was cooking a large batch of wax in the basement, he came home and told me to cook this one all the time! Has a great throw, and staying power. You have to try it!
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    I like it! Orangery, spicy. I made cp soap with it, there's no acc, no discoloration, I colored mine orange.
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    I am surprised there are not many reviews on this. This is a 10 star. It is a favorite of mine and the most popular scent of my December 2013. I never want to be without it. It is the best spicy orange I have found. Good year round. I will buy this as long as it is available!
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    This is one of the best spicy orange scents I have tried. Everyone has loved it. I plan to only buy this one from now on. It is perfect!
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    What a fabulous scent! Smells good right out of the bottle! I am making my first batch today with GB 464 wax. I was looking for a scent of orange and spice and looked at a few other sights until I saw this. I use peak a lot and am very familiar with their scent line. I am not sure why I never saw this one? I will post another review after I test it. I am thinking it will be a five star review if it's anything like the smell from the bottle.
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